Reviving a Home: The Story of the Lowerys

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In the rhythm of life, the Lowery home stood as a witness to the passage of time. Nestled in the Southeast side of Joliet, evidence of deterioration had become apparent – weathered walls, deteriorating doors and windows, and compromised ceiling and wiring. As age advanced and mobility waned, the once cozy haven now posed daily challenges. Suddenly, the same carpet they’d walked for years was now a safety hazard. Having two members of the family requiring knee surgery in recent years, they were in need of an updated, walk-in shower and entryway to provide accommodations that would enable them to navigate these everyday activities, as well as ease and maintain their sense of independence. And that is when Habitat for Humanity stepped in.

The Lowerys’ story is not entirely unique. Navigating the delicate balance of fixed incomes and mounting household repairs became an intricate dance for the them. More often than not, what was not urgent was left to decay. As seniors grappling with mobility issues and limited financial resources, the burden of maintaining their home’s integrity weighed heavy upon their shoulders. Unfortunately, there are quite a few seniors suffering silently as they attempt to manage rising living costs, health concerns, and home repairs on a fixed income.

Will County Habitat for Humanity seeks to address this issue with their Critical Home Repair (CHR) program. This program is meant for seniors, those with a disability, and those struggling with unique family circumstances to provide proper maintenance and upkeep of their home. Accessibility is a key goal of this program, with seniors being the central priority.

Since the renovations made to their home, the Lowerys have observed a marked improvement in their daily lives. This winter felt noticeably warmer, thanks to the installation of new windows that eliminated draftiness. The walk-in shower has completely transformed their mornings, enabling them to better care for themselves, prioritize their health, and maintain personal hygiene with ease. Overall, the house is no longer a threat to their safety: walls have been repaired, ceiling restored, and wiring has been replaced.

The Lowerys would like to thank Will County Habitat for Humanity volunteers and the Home Repair Team for uniting to be a blessing in their lives.