Neighborhood Revitalization

Habitat for Humanity’s Neighborhood Revitalization (N.R.) program is a holistic, place-based approach to addressing neighborhood disparities in the communities where Habitat works. We partner with underfunded communities to work toward equitable, livable neighborhoods and improve the quality of life alongside residents. We invest our resources in resident-led projects and advocacy that improves standard of living for current and future residents. 

Currently, our Neighborhood Revitalization efforts are tailored to the Fairmont community in Will County, focusing on custom solutions to meet the unique needs of this area. Our Neighborhood Revitalization program is built on three pillars: Neighborhood Revitalization, Homeownership, and Home Repair, each contributing to the overall goal of transforming Fairmont into a more thriving and vibrant community.


Neighborhood Revitalization Pillar

Together, these sub-sections under the Neighborhood Revitalization pillar form a comprehensive approach to community development, addressing both social and physical aspects to create a more vibrant and resilient Fairmont community.

Community Cohesion

This encompasses initiatives aimed at fostering stronger connections and promoting a sense of belonging within the community. Key components include initiatives such as community advocacy groups, community projects/events, after-school activities, community shared spaces throughout the neighborhood, and more.

Area Development

This category encompasses projects aimed at enhancing the physical infrastructure and aesthetic appeal of the Fairmont neighborhood. Initiatives include beautification projects, road repairs, sidewalk installations, and other improvements designed to enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

Economic Development

Focuses on business development and employment opportunities. These economic development strategies are designed to empower residents and stimulate local prosperity. This could look like identifying investors and investment opportunities to bring in restaurants, thrift stores, gas stations, activities for children, banks, grocery stores and more.

Homeownership Pillar

Habitat prioritizes residents within our focus area (for Will County this is the Fairmont neighborhood), offering affordable homeownership opportunities for individuals and families in Fairmont. Learn more about our Homeownership opportunities here.

Home Repair Pillar

This area focuses on providing essential repair and maintenance services to residents within the Fairmont area. Through this program, we aim to enhance the safety, accessibility, and overall quality of housing in Fairmont. If you reside in our focus area (Fairmont) and require assistance with critical home repairs, you can learn more about our Home Repair program here.

Share Your Ideas

Join us in shaping the future of Fairmont! Take part in our Neighborhood Revitalization survey, available in both English and Spanish. Your input is invaluable as we work together to drive positive change and create a thriving community for all. Click a link below to participate, and get a chance to win a prize.
Neighborhood revitalization attracts volunteers who like working on home repairs and community projects, including painting, community center upgrades, sprucing up parks etc.
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